Windows Virtual Desktop


The impact of Covid-19 has tested the ability of every business to continue operations with a remote workforce. Staying connected, engaged and equipped with the proper suite of tools to ensure success is a challengeFortunately, Windows Virtual Desktop makes it easy to arm your team with the current set of soft tools no matter where they work. 

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) isn’t new, but with WVD, you can now tap into the security, reliability, and scalability of the Azure cloud. WVD even offers a Remote Desktop Session Host capable of running multiple concurrent sessions of Windows 10. Run Microsoft 365 ProPlus in multi-user virtual scenarios to meet your business needs. 


Why WVD?

On-Demand Resources and Services

Deploy virtual Windows 10 desktops available on any device in minutes and give your employees access to the crucial apps they need for success. 

Lift and Shift Your Environment

Migrate existing remote desktop services and simplfy the deployment and management experience on Azure. 

Create Easy Dev/Test Environments

Leverage development and testing scenarios with virtual developer desktops to easily test .NET, WP, and other apps. 

Making any critical transition requires a partner with proven technical acumen. Menlo leads the edge of emerging technologies as a Microsoft Gold Partner, and only one of a select few who can offer customer incentive funding for enterprise customers from Microsoft, including Azure credits valid for three months of use, and access to Microsoft’s WVD design and Deployment helpdesk to assist with the technical design of your platform.

Need help expertly crafting your WVD infrastructure to support your unique business needs? Menlo can help.

Are you interested in speaking with a member of the Menlo WVD team to discuss options and Microsoft funded programs?