Creating better native apps for iOS and Android with a new breed of development tools with Fuse

Menlo Technologies is partnering enthusiastically with Fuse, a revolutionary platform which makes native app development easier, more efficient and more fun for both developers and designers.

App development teams save both time and money throughout the entire app development process, including deploying to iOS and Android from the same code-base. With Fuse, developers have the ability to work completely in real-time, where changes to the app UI, content and data are immediately applied. 

Fuse’s unique vision is to:

  • Cut development time in half
  • Improve collaboration between the designers and developers
  • Accelerate and advance prototyping
  • Improve the overall user experience of apps.

Among the unique features of Fuse is a real-time development workflow where changes to code are instantly reflected in native apps on iOS and Android side by side. The innovative technology opens the door to a wide range of value-added features, including streamlined app development for mixed reality.

“Winning today’s app battles comes down to having killer UX,” said Anders Lassen, co-founder and CEO of Fuse. “We hear the demand loud and clear for a faster, more effective way to build apps that deliver great user experience.”
According to research firm App Annie, by 2020, the app economy is expected to double in size to $101 billion, further demonstrating the urgency for a new wave of development tools like Fuse.

Key Features of Fuse:                                                                                      

  1. Create better apps with less code with UX Markup, the world’s most concise language for creating rich user experiences. Create components with responsive layout, animation, interaction and live data with the beautiful UX Markup language. Use the components in native app projects, or create cross-platform apps with logic in JavaScript.
  2. Superior visual control with live results with Fuse Studio, the world’s first visual, real-time development environment where the app can be modified while it is running side by side on multiple platforms. Discover a unified design and development process
  3. Create once for iOS and Android from day one, with one shared codebase in UX Markup and JavaScript. You can also access all native features when needed by adding Objective-C, Swift or Java code directly to your project.
  4. Designed for teams. Great results require flexible collaboration between developers, designers, users and stakeholders. Whether you are building complete native apps, reusable native components or high fidelity live data prototypes, Fuse plays nicely with the tools that you already rely on.

! Breaking Fuse News !

Today Fuse announced the launch of a paid Professional plan aimed to help serious creators deliver more efficiently. In tandem with the launch of Professional, Fuse is stepping out of beta with Version 1.0 and declaring its commitment to Open Source by opening up its libraries.
The Professional plan includes the new Fuse Studio visual editor that makes Fuse code more accessible to non-developers and improves team efficiency and collaboration. The new Xcode and Android Studio integrations allow for seamless integration of Fuse elements in existing native iOS and Android apps, reducing code complexity and cutting time-to-market for new apps and features.
Premium components built by Fuse, including beautiful, customizable UI themes for a wide range of use cases, advanced charting and other time-saving features requested by professional and enterprise users, are included in the Professional plan.
Fuse Studio and the new Professional plan are available today and includes a 30-day free trial for new and existing users.

Why Talk to Menlo Technologies about Fuse?

Because we are App Experts. Through numerous client projects, Menlo has built a strong reputation for high quality iOS and Android application development. We build both native and hybrid applications for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 enterprises. Clients rely on Menlo’s senior development teams to build what in many cases is their entire mobile product from scratch. Other organizations have backend resources, but work with Menlo and benefit from our Mobility Practice to improve their time to market.