Vintners Distributors

The Challenge:

Vintners Distributors are a group of convenience stores that serve various locations.  Each store has multiple POS systems and cameras installed on premise at the site. Vintners Distributors does not have the option to identify faulty transactions at the stores to take necessary actions against store staff.  Menlo worked with Vintners to combine the data from the POS systems and the camera footage to help mitigate transactions with a rules-based engine to pinpoint possible faulty transactions.
All video recordings of the store are captured by the surveillance firm Envysion.  All transactions on each POS system are recorded by the POS systems stored locally and pushed to the cloud to a 3rd party vendor.  This vendor then pushes this data as Gzipped xml files created every 15 minutes via HTTPS to services running in Microsoft Azure. Azure Functions parse the xml file and load it to an Azure database.

The Solution:

Menlo Technologies created a web application to enable the staff of Vintners Distributors to filtertransactions stored on the Azure database to identify faulty transactions. Start and end dates and times of transactions can be shared with Envysion who can then view the video captured for that timeframe. Staff can proceed with necessary actions.
Major highlights of the Vintners application include:

  • The Vintners Loop application has the option to view the store Dashboard based on user access.
  • A filter option is available to fetch the results of faulty transactions based on event type.
  • The application has a rich set of user-based access roles (RBAC) to support regional access requirements.
  • Enables the option to view Activity Log for store transactions, comment on them, and assign groups of transactions for further review.
  • An option to view video of the store transactions for any particular day.
  • Backend Analytics to review and analyze the POS data along with other company information.

The Benefits:

  •  Transactions/ Data Volume:  Currently the DB has over 1M + records. A huge amount of data is being processed and maintained efficiently.
  • Identify faulty transactions: The Vintners application displays faulty transactions on the Dashboard based on the required action. The user can filter the required action.
  • Assign and take necessary action:  Vintners has the option to assign a transaction to a respective user. That user can take necessary actions on the transaction and provide comments or re-assign as necessary.
  • View Video:  Vintners has the option to view videos during any window of time. When clicking on a store transaction, a video of the transaction events will be shown in the browser based on the timestamp window of the transaction.

Menlo Technologies looks forward to continued collaboration with Vintners Distributors.