What’s new with Microsoft? 

We’ll find out first hand when Microsoft partners, employees and industry experts, including the team from Menlo Technologies, get together for Inspire 2018, Microsoft’s worldwide partner conference which takes place July 15July 19 in Las Vegas Nevada. 

It will be big.

For the first time, Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ready, the annual Microsoft sales, marketing, and technical fiscal kick-off, are going to be held in the same city during the same week.

This co-location will create multiple opportunities for partners and field teams to connect, learn, and collaborate on solutions that will accelerate the digital transformation that our customers are seeking.

The focus?

This year’s Microsoft Inspire will focus on three key ingredients that will help us to help you build and grow profitable businesses:

  1. Innovation—At the core of digital transformation and with the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud, computing is getting imbedded in every aspect of our lives—in every home, business and every industry—creating unprecedented opportunity for partners to expand their customer solutions.
  2. Partnership—Demonstrating how expanding business capabilities and profitability opens up new channels for partner collaboration and solution aggregation. In other words, we’ll learn from our fellow partners!
  3. Leadership—Bringing world class expertise to help today’s leaders keep up with an ever-accelerating rate of innovation while maintaining business excellence.

The 5-day conference will be highlighted with Corenotes by leading Microsoft executives, including:

  • Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
  • Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft
  • Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft
  • Jason Zander, Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Azure Team in the Cloud and AI Group at Microsoft 
  • Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President, Business Applications and Global Industry at Microsoft
  • Anand Eswaran, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Digital
  • Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Cloud Platform at Microsoft
  • Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365 Marketing at Microsoft
  • Yusef Medhi, Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft

We really look forward to attending and will share highlights, including Bruno Mars performance, when we return. 

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