Dell Boomi and the power of data integration in healthcare

Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), along with its healthcare ecosystem of partners and customers, demonstrated how it speeds healthcare innovation and digital transformation for healthcare payors, providers and vendors with its cloud integration solution at the 2017 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition this past week in Orlando, FL.

“Healthcare is one of the fastest growing segments for Boomi as organizations realize the power of data integration,” said Amede Hungerford, Chief Marketing Officer for Boomi. “Because they’re leveraging Boomi to integrate patient and vendor data across siloes, Boomi allows healthcare customers to reduce processing time and costs, strengthen compliance and provide a better patient experience.”

Digital Healthcare Innovation

Digital health reached a tipping point in 2016 as consumers adopted digital health tools at a record rate over the last 12 months according to a survey by Rock Health, the first venture fund dedicated to digital health.

Forty-six percent of consumers are now considered active digital health adopters, having used three or more categories of digital health tools such as telemedicine and wearables up from 19% in 2015. Only 12% of Americans are non-adopters, down from 20% in 2015.

Keeping healthcare data safe

Hundreds of current Boomi healthcare customer organizations modernize their IT infrastructure through cloud integration platform as a service (iPaaS) while keeping data safe and controlled. Boomi addresses healthcare-specific integration requirements by providing a flexible, intuitive, and intelligent platform to drive innovation and allow healthcare organizations to: 

  • Increase patient engagement 
  • Accelerate data-driven insights 
  • Improve healthcare decisions

Examples of Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (HiPaaS)

In partnership with DevCool, an IT advisor and systems integrator to major healthcare payors and providers, Boomi delivers the Healthcare Integration Platform as a Service (HiPaaS) solution. HiPaaS enables healthcare customers to utilize the Boomi iPaaS solution in combination with DevCool’s Healthcare Analytics and Integration platforms. With HIPPA-compliant HiPaaS, customers can confidently manage the integration of secure, reliable information and patient data across any combination of cloud and on-premises applications. With support for industry data standards (such as HL7 and X12), HiPaaS accelerates the ability to connect data and applications across enrollment, billing, electronic health records, and EDI partner networks.

San Francisco Health Plan and Boomi partner DevCool integrated X12 and other data sources across different platforms and systems to get real-time insights using an innovative dashboard and powerful analytics.

“The HiPaaS solution was easily implemented and has been a triumph for Integration. It is everything we knew put in one place that facilitates deep dive analysis in a more efficient way. This has helped SFHP to reduce the time to market and increased customer satisfaction,” said Sunny Cooper, CIO for San Francisco Health Plan.  “Based on our successful experience, we are exploring additional applicability of HiPaaS to our claims processing.”

Accenture Intelligent Patient Service Exchange 

Boomi is part of the initial launch of the Accenture Intelligent Patient Service Exchange, a digital marketplace of third-party technology solutions available to life sciences companies to enhance patient support and improve the overall patient treatment experience. The Intelligent Patient Service Exchange removes the time and cost needed to develop custom, digital patient-centric solutions by offering pre-built, plug-and-play technology connections that enable healthcare organizations to integrate patient services more quickly and at a lower cost than previously possible. 

Enabling healthcare consumers while protecting their data

In addition to highlighting partner ecosystem solutions, Boomi presented an “Integration Drives Innovation” demo at last week’s conference that showed the power of connecting disparate data stores to enable healthcare consumerism while protecting patient data. When a patient in a pharmacy and about to purchase an over-the-counter drug, for example, Boomi’s cloud-based integration allows the patient to simply scan the bottle with a mobile device to instantly see any conflicts with the medications listed in their electronic medical record. 

Now, that’s pretty cool.

Boomi’s healthcare initiatives validate the company’s position as the number one Integration CloudTM for healthcare and life sciences organizations. Boomi introduced the first complete iPaaS solution in 2007 and now supplies more than 5,000 companies from around the world with enterprise-grade capabilities for any-to-any data and application integration, master data management (MDM) and API management within its unified platform.

Menlo Technologies deploys, customizes and maintains Dell Boomi for some of the world’s largest companies including Ariba, Sabre, Renesas and GoPro.