Menlo Technologies Battle of Ideas Hackfest took place October 25-26. 10 teams competed for cash prizes during a focused 24-hour effort to explore some newer aspects of Azure technology and improve dev teams’ familiarity with Azure services. The Hackathon was a great opportunity for Menlo development teams to learn by doing with a deep dive into Azure rather than just reading documentation. The event also fostered team building.

Topics that the teams focused on included:

The teams that competed were: 

  1. Menlo Code Junkies
  2. Menlo Hack heros
  3. Menlo Cookie Army
  4. Menlo Cyber Bot Demons
  5. Menlo Red Hot Zombies
  6. Menlo Hip Trojans
  7. Menlo Manic Debuggers
  8. Code Complete Clan
  9. Menlo Binary Bombers
  10. Menlo Byte Mechanics

And there winners are….

Everyone is a winner!

More about their specific solutions next time.

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