Microsoft applications and Azure have been built to work better together with flexibility, high compatibility and hybrid capabilities. Run Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics and other Microsoft server software in Azure. Enjoy unparalleled cost savings, easily plan migrations, avoid complexity of multi-vendor support, and modernize your applications in the cloud from the leader you already trust.

Choose Azure and stay with the technology

leader you trust.

Unparalleled cost savings

Cut back infrastructure expenses associated with traditional on-premises.

Assessment and TCO analysis tool to understand your next steps.

Easily plan migrations

Enable rapid replication of your virtual machines with no downtime or interruption.

Ongoing cost optimization reports ensure you’re meeting the needs.

First class, first party support 

Support from one place, whether specific to workload or the all-up platform.

Available 24×7 and multilingual.

Modernize your apps beyond

 Flexibility, high compatibility and hybrid capabilities.

Secure and familiar platform which allows you to get the most out of your current investments.

Windows Server

Move to the cloud faster, achieve more, and save money with a growing collection of integrated services. It can provide you an end-to-end cloud-based infrastructure services (compute, database, storage, web, analytics, network, and mobile, among others) that make it easy to run business-critical enterprise applications in the cloud in a reliable way.

  • Move workloads between on-premises and cloud without worrying about downtime.
  • Deliver faster time to value with agile apps and micro-services.
  • Save up to 40 percent on Windows Server virtual machines in Azure.

SQL Server

Make smarter decisions, redesign business processes faster, and fuel business growth using the cloud-based data platform solution built for, and on, Azure—bringing together business intelligence, AI, infrastructure, compute, and database services.

  • Your on-premises application can access data in Azure SQL Database.
  • SQL Server offers users easier workload mobility between data centers, private clouds, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Get breakthrough in-memory performance across all workloads—all in one package at a low cost.


Dynamics 365 was specifically developed to help customers simplify and streamline their migrations to the cloud in order to achieve fast time to value with predefined and automated deployments.

  • Leverage hybrid deployments to better align with what your organization needs.
  • Choose who accesses your data, while taking advantage of one of the most trusted clouds on the planet.
  • Free up IT resources by taking advantage of Azure’s built-in capabilities


Azure provides unified cloud platform with greater choices and flexibility for SharePoint deployment and tight integration. Harness the advantages of Azure, be it reducing the time to deploy complex SharePoint farms from days to minutes or scaling SharePoint infrastructure on Azure on-demand to meet ever growing business requirements.

  • Boost a SharePoint deployment from days to hours with ready-to-deploy images.
  • Enhance SharePoint capabilities by integrating with Azure services.
  • Be more cost effective and use resources that you need.

Migrate to Azure at your own pace with confidence and support from us. We ensure a 360-degree approach to migration—not just the VM; apps drive migration, and all apps have app services, data, and storage elements. Let’s get you on cloud so you can grow your business better than ever, contact us today

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