One customer’s leap from point-to-point to Dell Boomi

It had been 6 months since I talked to Jerry, a long time prospect, about cloud managed services, including cloud integration platforms. He had opted for a point-to-point solution for handling his business intelligence architecture and his data management and integration, which that his Salesforce Admin/ Developer had coded for him.

“I just need data on sales opportunities and closes to flow from Salesforce to FinancialForce.” he had said. A simple point-to-point interface also saved him the up-front and ongoing costs of the Dell Boomi Cloud Integration platform.
The Salesforce guy solved the immediate problem but hadn’t considered what was ahead for Jerry’s project. And when the functionality of Jerry’s project grew, (as I knew it would) he needed to rethink his processes, so he called me.
“Remember that cloud integration platform you were telling me about? Let’s talk.”

Details, details…

It turned out that there were a number of details that his point-to-point solution wasn’t able to manage, including:

  • Handling changes to the APIs
  • Two-way communication and updates
  • Expanding the interface to include other objects and transactions
  • More complex lookups to connect child records to the transaction
  • Maintaining shared external Keys on each side to match sets of entities
  • Additional interface processes to keep customer files and product masters in synch
  • Deployment of updates, scheduling and logging of runs and errors
  • Error handling and notifications
  • On-going maintenance of custom code, and the resource pool willing and able to take that on.

New technologies are powering businesses like never before

Where is your business today? Where is it going tomorrow? Are you leveraging new technology to grow your business? If not, let us show you how our data management and integration services can help you like we helped Jerry.
If your organization’s IT and business intelligence architecture is headed towards multiple best of breed cloud applications, you should implement an integration platform like Dell Boomi sooner rather than later.
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