Business and applications requirements continuously evolve.  Acquiring the necessary up-front cash reserves to pay for reserved instances can be limiting.

Some time ago, Microsoft introduced Azure Reserved Instances (Azure RI) to help Azure’s most active customers save on long-term VM costs by committing to the capacity up front. 

Initially, by committing to a one or three-year benefit, Azure customers were able to reserve VMs in advance at a deep discount, saving them as much as 82% off standard pay-as-you-go pricing. But now there are even more pricing options.

Monthly Payment Options

Recently, Microsoft added the choice of paying for reserved instances on a monthly basis. The monthly payment option is available at no extra cost. In addition, you can mix Azure reservations for your predictable capacity needs, with the Pay-As-You-Go model for your unpredictable capacity needs. If your workload and application needs change, you can exchanging reservations among VM types. You can also cancel your reservation at any time with a termination fee.

Additional Azure Hybrid Savings

When you combine the cost savings gained from Azure RIs with the added value of the Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can save up to 80 percent (depending on VM type and usage).

Image Credit:Microsoft

How to get started

It’s easy. Buy reservations in a few simple steps from the Azure portal and choose a payment option that’s right for you. Have questions?

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