Continuous Delivery with Microsofts’s Azure DevOps

In September, Microsoft announced the rebranding of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to  Azure DevOpsThe services “span the breadth of the development lifecycle to help developers ship software faster and with higher quality,” said Microsoft during the announcement.

The rebranding makes sense, as VSTS is effectively a cloud service backed by Microsoft Azure. Each Azure DevOps service is open and extensible, designed to work with any type of application, regardless of the framework, platform, or cloud. Azure DevOps supports both public and private cloud configurations.

What are the benefits of Azure DevOps?

Delivering quick and frequent releases for large projects becomes complex and time-consuming when done manually, because of the high degree of complexity and resource intervention and configuration involved.

  • Azure offers top of the line cloud infrastructure for hosting virtual machines running Windows or Linux.
  • Azure offers a language independent continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to push changes to these virtual machines automatically.
  • Visual Studio Team Services provides the CI/CD pipeline, starting with a Git repository for managing your application source code and infrastructure code (Azure Resource Manager templates), a Build system for producing packages and other build artefacts, and a Release Management system for setting up a pipeline to deploy your changes through dev, test, and production environments.
  • Pipelines use Resource Manager templates to provision or update your infrastructure as necessary in each environment, and then deploys the updated build.
  • Azure DevTest Labs automatically tear down test resources that are not in use.

At the Connect() event in December, Microsoft announced several new features and integrations with Azure Pipelines. The new features and integrations include an Azure Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code, management of GitHub Releases, support for IoT projects, and ServiceNow integration.

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