The last time we talked, I was telling you about the drone that landed on my backyard lawn, and how it got me to thinking about technology predictions of years past. Which trends were tech experts watching for in the year ahead?

According to Deloitte Analytics’ recent report, Analytics Trends 2015: A Below-the-Surface Look, Data Analytics was of the fastest growing technology trends in 2015 and will continue to build momentum in 2016. “Put simply, analytics is becoming both the air that we breathe — and the ocean in which we swim,” the report says. Creating new ways to access data to do work within mobile devices will be what organizations will be looking to discover this year. Already, data analytics and data integration solutions companies are providing a means for users to create dashboards with visualization and to perform advanced analytics on mobile devices. This is the year of self-service and democratization and this trend will grow as data analytics and data integration services become a responsibility for more and more employees within a firm.

We’ve compiled a list of Data Analytics thought leaders and companies that Menlo Technologies are following on Twitter. We think that if you spend some time on these Data Pro’s Twitter Feeds, web and blog-sites, you’ll find them as informative and as entertaining as we have: 

1)  Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne

Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, and affiliate professor of astrophysics and computational science, George Mason University.

2)  Carla Gentry@data_nerd

Carla Gentry, founder, Analytical-Solution is data scientist by trade, Gentry is also a prolific tweeter with a sharp eye for news and trends that will have an impact on the industry. She’s also quick with an opinion, often pointing out, for example, that data science and big data aren’t synonymous.

3) Tony Baer @TonyBaer

Tony Baer is an IT analyst with Ovum covering Big Data & data management with some systems engineering thrown in. Over his 25 years in the industry, he has studied issues of data integration, software and data architecture, middleware, and application development. Having tracked the emergence of BI and data warehousing back in the 1990s, Baer sees similar parallels emerging in the world of Big Data today. His coverage focuses on how Big Data must become a first-class citizen in the data center, IT organization, and the business.

4)  Red Monk @redmonk

Red Monk is the first and only developer focused industry analyst firm. “We believe that developers are the most important constituency in technology, which is why we work on their behalf for technology companies large and small.”

5) Bernard Marr@BernardMarr

Bernard Marr is a best-selling business author, keynote speaker and consultant in big data, analytics and enterprise performance. As the founder and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute he is one of the world’s most highly respected thought leaders anywhere when it comes to data in business. He regularly advises companies and government organizations on how to improve their performance and gain better insights from their data.

6) Informatica Cloud@INFA_cloud

Informatica Cloud is a powerful, yet intuitive, cloud-based data integration and management platform. Strong and informative twitter feed.“Informatica helps you make data ready for use in any way possible, so you can put truly great data at the center of everything you do.”

7) Marcus Borba@marcusborba

Marcus Borba is the CTO at Spark Science & Information. “Passionate about #BusinessIntelligence,#Analytics#BigData#DataScience &#IoT Boulder BI Brain Trust (#BBBT) Member.”

8) Gregory Piatetsky@kdnuggets

Gregory Piatetsky is the President of KDnuggets  #Analytics,#BigData#DataMining#DataScience expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.

9) Power BI @MSPowerBI

Power BI Big Data. Small Data. All Data. Discover. Analyze. Visualize. Share Insights. Access Anywhere. Deliver Results. News & More. A Partner of Menlo Technologies

10) G2 Crowd@G2Crowd

G2 Crowd Business software reviews from real users. Compare the best products and services Share your expertise & help your peers select the right software.

11) Looker@LookerData

Looker, A Partner of Menlo Technologies. Pioneering the next generation of BI, data discovery & data analytics. Unlocking the power of data in your business.

 12) Ian Matthews@iancsmatthews

Ian Matthews, President & Chief Commercial Officer of@WMCGInsights and @MediaThirst, Porsche enthusiast, market intelligence, data analytics, enterprise consulting.
A great communicator.

Now it is your turn. Which Data Analytics Pros are you following, and why?