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June 10, 2015

MENLO PARK, CA – Renesas Electronics America (REA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, credit’s Menlo Technologies for their guidance through a significant Dell Boomi AtomSphere implementation. The Japan-based semiconductor manufacturer is the world’s largest manufacturer of microcontroller and the second largest manufacturer of application processors.

REA’s on-premises, legacy integration system required a tedious manual process of custom coding by an on-site expert which was costly and unnecessarily complicated. With 27 racks of servers that had accumulated through years of mergers and acquisitions, Joseph Coleman, REA’s Director of IT determined he wanted to avoid managing a data center when the company relocated to Las Vegas. “That was the final straw in making a decision to move to the cloud,” he recalled.

Dell Boomi: Elegant and Secure

REA selected Dell Boomi’s iPaaS over other integration solutions because, as Coleman noted, “It was a more elegant, easier to use, and secure. ”

For implementation, Mr. Coleman turned to system integrator Menlo Technologies, which he’d worked with while at a previous company. “Menlo Technologies has been instrumental in helping us with the Dell Boomi implementation,” said Mr. Coleman “Menlo is our first and only partner. Their blended model of on-shore and off-shore support works well.”

Gary Prioste, the CEO of Menlo Technologies, says their company has established a Boomi Center of Excellence, training a number of people internally to provide Boomi-ready resources who are AtomSphere Integration Cloud™ Certified. They’ve also developed an in-house knowledge database, a proactive approach that Prioste said helps improve Menlo’s capabilities in the Boomi ecosystem and allows them to broaden the skills of Menlo employees.

Menlo Technologies continues to help REA migrate data from SAP to a local Database via AtomSphere, which involves master data management processes. According to Senior IT Manager Joseph Coleman, REA produces a source extraction that is posted to its FTP site—from there, AtomSphere picks it up and loads it into a SQL server data warehouse for reporting.

High Productivity Pays Off

Since REA’s move to the cloud, the company has:

  • Eliminated the need for 2.5 internal resources to integrate using the custom legacy applications to one offshore resource
  • Reduced costs by about 89 percent compared to what they previously spent on maintenance, reporting, hardware and on-site support
  • Experienced better service.

REA now boasts 57 process flows for ERP alone. They have the capability to quickly conduct a proof of concept.   A major customer, for example, required serialized data from the SAP system.   Without Boomi, this would have been a manual process, but with Boomi SEA built production processes, and was able to fully test and release to production in less than one month.

“Dell Boomi AtomSphere is one of the best tools I’ve seen, and Menlo’s been a great partner to help us.”
About Renesas Electronics America
Renesas Electronics America (REA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, a Japan-based semiconductor manufacturer that is the world’s largest manufacturer of microcontroller and the second largest manufacturer of application processors. Visit am.renesas.com for more information.

About Dell Boomi
Dell Boomi delivers AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions to enable customers to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software, appliances, or coding. Visit www.boomi.com for more information.

About Menlo Technologies
Menlo Technologies is global services company specializing in cloud integration and mobile technology. Menlo utilizes strategic partnerships with top-tier pioneers in cloud integration, including Dell Boomi, Microsoft, and Salesforce.com to help companies like Renesas. Visit www.menlotechologies to learn more.


Menlo Technologies
Gary Prioste, (408) 736-8100


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