Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

There are more than 12 billion connected devices in the world.

Innovative companies are adopting IoT strategies and technologies to rethink their products and services and redefine their relationships with customers, employees and partners.   Menlo Technologies  leverages Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite to support near-real-time insight, predictive analytics and preventive maintenance—ultimately helping enterprises to create and implement complex IoT solutions and revolutionize their businesses.

Connect and Scale with Efficiency

With the Azure IoT Suite, you can quickly get started and scale your IoT project to your business needs. With worldwide availability of the Microsoft Cloud Platform, you can be confident that the Azure IoT Suite will meet your needs—no matter the size or location of your IoT project.

Analyze and act on untapped data

The Azure IoT Suite enables you to analyze and mine disparate data to create new insights and even predict future outcomes. You can now analyze data that has been acquired over a long period of time to find patterns and correlations to uncover trends that offer new insights about how your products are used or how they behave under certain conditions.

Visualize IoT dashboards with Power BI

Build and deploy rich IoT dashboards and reports to show everything from high-level performance KPIs to the details of individual assets. Menlo can customize visualizations so the right people have access to the metrics that matter to them, updated in real-time. Access data and reports from any device and publish reports to your organization using Microsoft Power BI.

Integrate with your business processes

The Azure IoT Suite is designed to integrate with your existing processes, devices, and systems to enable you to automate common workflows and unlock new value by making the best use of both existing and new data sources. You can connect your people, processes, assets, and systems to create opportunities to innovate and transform your business.

Case Study How Menlo and Azure leveraged sensor device data

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