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Improve your time to market and reduce your total cost of development by working with Menlo for your DevOps needs. Menlo has helped clients with code modernization and refactoring by building processes for microservices, build automation, automated testing, and automated release. You can utilize the power and flexibility of the cloud in AWS or Azure to revamp your applications to take advantage of serverless compute, spot marketing pricing, and peak demand provisioning.

Menlo’s DevOps certified engineers are experts in most all DevOps tools, with a focus on automation, security, quality testing, maintainability, improved reliability and optimum predictability – whether you are releasing code once a day or once a month.


Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, SpringCloud, Flyway, JUnits, Jasmine, Selenium, SonarQube, Xamarin Test Cloud, Jenkins, GIT, Lambda, MS Functions


Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Automated Releases,
Operations and Infrastructure Management, Microservices Architecture and development

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Automated Building, Testing and Deployment
Container Development
Serverless Compute (Lambda, MS Functions)
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