Dedicated Teams

Effective, Proactive, Cost-Efficient

A Dedicated Team to Meet Your Specific Needs


Need an entire development team, maybe an additional development unit or just a small supplemental development team for special projects that are outside of your core business?

If so, consider a dedicated team from Menlo Technologies.

You can ramp up in a hurry by leveraging the methodologies, collaboration systems, and team synergies from Menlo’s established development centers. With our facilities already in place, Menlo Technologies can provide you with a talented dedicated technical team — typically at less than half of the cost of you doing it yourself.


  • Turnkey development facility
  • Hardware and Hardware Provisioning
  • Enterprise Software infrastructure including tools such as Basecamp and Jira
  • Internet
  • Backup/Recovery
  • Security
  • Management

HR Issues

  • Carefully Sourcing Candidates
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Payroll / Benefits
  • Retention

Business Processes

  • Local Regulations
  • Licenses
  • Local Taxes

Even though the developers typically remain on our payroll, with a Menlo Dedicated team, you can change development schedules at any time. The developers follow your scrum schedule and your complete direction.

If you want the developers on your payroll, that’s an option as well. With a Dedicated Team, the developers may be in our facility, but you’re still the boss.

Experienced Technology Experts You Can Trust


Menlo is comprised of senior engineers with deep technical expertise and years of back-end systems development and integration experience. We complete innovative applications on time and on budget. Minimize recruitment time and get straight to the work that is truly important—developing and launching your software. Menlo’s team of developers have expertise in hard-to-find niches. Our Global Delivery Methodology provides a framework for executing complex projects that will exceed your expectations in quantity, time and cost.

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Onshore and Offshore Full-time Dedicated Teams
Strategic Consulting (IT, Analytics, Architecture, DevOps)

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  • Flexible technical headcount to meet schedule changes
  • Scalable – additional resources when you need them
  • Cost effective
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